Rivista Elektor Luglio - Agosto 2018 [Inglese]

Edizione stampata di Luglio e Agosto 2018 della tua rivista di elettronica preferita. 116 Pagine di stimolante elettronica DIY.
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Rivista Elektor Luglio - Agosto 2018 [Inglese]



• Simple Pitch Follower
Music made easy
• Repair to Wi-Fi Card with MHF4 SMD Connector
• (almost) everything you wanted to know about… Soldering
Q + A series
• Digital Calliper Readout with Platino
Upgrade your lathe
• DAB on a Dongle Stick
Free software turns cheap DVB-T USB sticks into DAB radios
• Err-lectronics
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
• Nixie Bargraph Thermometer
High-tech look with a vintage Nixie tube
• CAN Bus Debugging Tool
CAN 2GO: easy to use and low-cost
• GI AY-3-8500 Video Game IC
Peculiar Parts, the series
• Elektor RPi Audio DAC and Volume Control Tweaks & Updates
Thanks all for asking and contributing
• Experimental Doppler Radar
or how to build your own speed trap
• electronica Fast Forward 2018
electronica Fast Forward 2018 the winning start-up, two years on
• Homelab Helicopter
• Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (1)
Reception and tuning with this versatile new device
• Stencil Frame for Reflow Soldering
Save money the DIY way
• Tips and Tricks
• POV Fidget Spinner
Rotating animations
• ESP32 Design Contest 2018 – The Winners
• Two Scopes and the IoT
measure, inspect, and communicate
• Heating Monitor using ESP8266
Keep tabs on your energy usage
• Chirpie Chirpie… Cheepit
Microcontroller programming with audio files
• Elektor Labs Pipeline
• Laser Time Writer
• Introduction to Microprocessor Technology with the Kosmos CP1 (1983)
Retronics series
• A Zettabyte for Total Control
Elektor Ethics series

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