Rivista Elektor Maggio-Giugno 2018 [Inglese]

Edizione stampata Maggio-Giugno 2018 della tua rivista di elettronica preferita. 132 pagine di stimolante elettronica DIY: Scrolling Message Display, VFD-tube Clock, Simple LC Meter, Floranium e molti altri!!
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Rivista Elektor Maggio-Giugno 2018 [Inglese]

DETTAGLI • Wireless Protocols: a Panorama If you think one day there will be just one, you’re dreaming… • Wearable LED Controller light effects for the disco • Acoustics, GUI and Fingerprints Elektor Store Highlights • PAM8302A Audio Amplifier A modern replacement for the LM386 • 3-Way Display Alarm with 2.2-inch TFT screen • electronica Fast Forward 2018 the start-up platform turns start-up week • 10-MHz Reference with satellite precision • Simple LC Meter Measure inductance and capacitance with Platino • About Battery Chargers, Choices and Electronic Designers • VFD-tube Clock with ESP32 with an accurate Internet-derived time • LoRa Telemetry Projects Using wireless peer-to-peer connections to fight industrial pollution • Homelab Helicopter • The Connected Greenhouse IoT demonstration project using MQTT and Node-RED • Q and A Everything (almost) everything you need to know about Bluetooth • Tips and Tricks From readers for readers • CPLD Breakout Board in DIL Format For programmable logic projects • The NXP Cup 2018 • Struggling with LED Snake Lights LED strips are flexible and functional but not entirely inconsequential • Scrolling Message Display 512 LEDs controlled over Wi-Fi via an ESP-12F • EMC Limit Values and CE Declaration Simplified measurements for private individuals and small companies • Ltank Lego Robot High-tech Meets Toytech • My Tiny Radio One radio — three platforms • Err-lectronics Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles • Universal I²C Bus Isolator and Level Shifter Simple and compact • Close-to-Universal IR Remote Control • Floranium More than just decoration • The Elektor Mini Counter Retronics series • Our Vulnerable Digital Society Elektor Ethics series
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